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APG manages € 467 billion (October 2017) in pension assets for its clients in these sectors. It also offers supplementary income products for individuals as well as the administration of defined contribution schemes for Premium Pension Institutions (PPIs), (company) pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers. APG works for over 40,000 employers, providing the pension for one in five families in the Netherlands (approximately 4.5 million participants).

A changing world needs radical innovation

Our world is changing rapidly. Longevity and ageing affect the sustainability of the collective pension system. There is a tendency towards individualization. We have to deal with unprecedentedly low interest rates which negatively affects our pension coverage ratio. Besides this, we see the huge impact of new disruptive technologies, for example artificial intelligence (in advisory and wealth management) and Blockchain. All these factors make that we believe that radical innovation is key to stay ahead in our business and maintain our leadership position as a pension service provider.



Together reinventing ourselves

An important factor of our experiments is an outside-in view. We experiment in an environment in which people of different backgrounds are working on the same experiment. And were we actively innovate with startups as well as corporates. We are founding father of the Brightlands smart services Campus in Heerlen, where corporates, startups and knowledge institutes (like universities), work together in an open innovation ecosystem. Next to Heerlen, we are also located in Amsterdam and New York.

Entrepreneurial Innovation

Entrepreneurial innovation means creative and conceptual thinking. The idea is that we put our concepts ahead of us like a dot on the horizon. We start small and develop ideas into a concrete experiment. On the basis of the insights acquired, we constantly and iteratively continue to develop the concept. The challenge might be to introduce a new proposition to the market and make use of existing resources, new technologies and insights.

More information

GroeiFabriek Innovation Manual

Innovating and experimenting is difficult. A corporate environment sometimes makes it even more difficult. We want to facilitate the experiment teams optimally by helping them to experiment. If you want to know more about the way we innovate, you can check our Innovation Manual. This booklet describes how our innovation methodology works and why we make certain choices.

Download our Innovation Manual

GroeiFabriek Wiki

The groeifabriek aims to be at the forefront of not only new technologies, but how these technologies affect the paradigm we live in. To understand this scope, and to share knowledge within our team, we maintain a wiki providing our insights behind the buzzwords in blockchain. If you'd like to learn more about decentralized ledgers, you can check out our writings in the wiki!

GroeiFabriek Wiki Page

All Climate Change experiments can be found on the Smart Climate Opportunities website:
visit website

The Social Awareness Monitor transmits an alarm as soon as the model predicts that messages on Twitter become a media controversy within now and 5 days.

With Lifetree we are experimenting with guiding people in making decisions about health and finance, with the aid of an avatar.
Smart Interaction Center

At the Smart Interaction Center, we are researching and developing radical applications in the area of artificial intelligence, big data and (client) interaction.

Observing and exploring the possibilities of Blockchain for the pension sector.

With BasisZero we are experimenting with radical solutions to pension administration in Blockchain, and investing based on algorithms.
Zeker Wonen

With Zeker Wonen we explored the possibilities of living in an environment where healthcare, social contact and safety are centrally available.

With Goodstock we are experimenting with predicting the future earning potential of an individual, and thereby quantifying human capital.

Our Awesome Team

Joep Beukers

Supercharges the way forward

Inge Murrer

Sketching the complete picture

Rutger van Wersch

Building new ventures

Ellen Veltman

Keeping it all together

Bas van de Weerdt

Bringing concepts to life

Chris Veerkamp

Reducing the carbon footprint

Rene Rateischak

Leading the way into AI

Hidde Terpoorten

Creating the Blockchain

Thomas Martens

Doing Data Science Stuff

Rob Tillmann

Putting knowledge into practice

Mariëlle Heuts

Guiding the experiment teams

George Drost

Guiding the experiment teams

Rick de Boer

Guiding the experiment teams

Laurens van Piggelen

Creating the architecture

Dean Masley

Egg Head

Nathalie Drost

Egg Head

Isaac Ibiapina

Egg Head

Rolf Habets

Handling the software side of the blockchain

Ilona de Caluwe

Assisting the team

Monique Weigle

Assisting the team

Dante van Grafhorst

Part of the Blockchain team

Joost Muis

Part of the Blockchain team

Petra Smeets

Assisting the team

Alma Wolhuter

Our Expert in Resourcing and Education

Ron Jongen

Guiding the experiment teams

Sebastiaan Verdonk

RetireMe expert

Tim van Iersel

RetireMe expert

Come challenge us

So come join us in designing the future of APG and challenge us. We have a broad view on the changes that will impact us, but we focus on technology (AI, Blockchain, etc) and current APG sector (Fintech, insuretech) developments which fit the existing playing field of APG. Besides that we are also looking for the not so obvious combinations to challenge us and broaden our view. Sometimes we work on cross-over experiments on themes that are not obvious for a pension service provider. For example the impact of having ever more medical knowledge about your own wellbeing in relation to financial choices. We are always interested in creative proposals to work together on these cross-over experiments.

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