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What function does a team member have?

Team members participate in experiments that match their expertise. We encourage individuals to bring their own skillsets to the team, whether that's as an APG colleague or external specialist. Previously, team members with skills such as: marketing advisor, UX designer, business information analyst–all provided valuable contributions to previous experiments. Don't feel intimidated if you lack specific knowledge in a certain field, the best teams have a diversity of perspectives and roles.

Those interested in joining an experiment will be added to a list, of which we'll use to reach out and contact you once an experiment matching your expertise is available.

Practical Information/Logistics

Team members must have 2 days of availability per week to contribute to the experiment. APG colleagues interested in joining will remain employed by their current manager. This means you'll need to coordinate with your current manager to organize how you'll spend 2 days on an experiment in combination with your existing responsibilities.

The experiments at the GroeiFabriek give you a surprising look at new technology and business models. I was able to apply the things I learned and the way of working in the experiments directly in my regular work!

Joost Slabbekoorn

It is fun and instructive to work in enthusiastic multidisciplinary teams on solutions of the future!

Loes Frehen

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